Accelerated Aging in Legume for Physiological Response

Vikhe Amol Chandrakant (S)
Abstract: ABSTRACT- Seed physiology is an important factor in the seed potentiality for long period. Deterioration in the crop not clearly seems in seeds mostly by the normally measurable parameters, it needs to expose the seeds into stress-able artificial environment; hence we going for testing of several soybean genotypes for their physical potentiality with artificial made adverse condition. The condition with 100% relative humidity and 41?1?c temperature, upto 3(72h) days; initial and the final weight of the seeds were measured in gm, it was showed the variable difference in gaining the moisture content by the genotypes, some genotypes showed gaining high moisture while some were less. The electrical conductivity of said genotypes also checked and it will showed variance according to the physiological response. Germination %, Vigour Index (Mass, Length) % also measured it?s also variates ratio in genotypes. The strong and physiological potential genotypes sustain and maintain their vigour parameters in adverse climatic condition.
Keywords: Accelerated aging, Seed germination, Electrical conductivity, Vigour Index., Research Paper, Agricultural, India
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