Assessment of Lantana camara L. Leaf Extract in Wound Healing in Induced Rabbits Skin Injuries

Farah D. Salim, Kadhim M. Ibrahim, Waleed H. Yousif
Abstract: Abstract The present study was conducted to evaluate wound healing potentials of Lantana camara. Two different solvent extracts (ethanol and aqueous) were prepared from the leaves of L. camara by estimated using soxhlet and maceration. The total flavonoids compounds concentration were estimated using high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). The highest concentration of flavonoids were observed in ethanol extract of L. camara than aqueous extract. Acute inflammation was induced in laboratory animals (rabbits) by injected 0.1mL of 2.5% formalin into the wound incision. aqueous and ethanol extracts of L. camara had anti-inflammatory and healing effect in compared with the Vaseline on rabbit skin. Utilizing histopathological study to notice healing of the wound. Explicate the histological examination that healing of the skin was obvious by vanishing of odema and decrease in scar size, enhancement of fibroblast proliferation, collagen regeneration, Keratinization and Epithelialization as compared with the treatment groups during using L. camara. Extracts of L. camara have the ability of inhibition of inflammation induced by formalin and appeared to be the most active component for healing the wound in rabbits as preclinical study.
Keywords: Lantana camara, phytochemical analysis, excision wound, wound healing activity, Research Paper, Biotechnology, Iraq
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