Design and CFD Analysis of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

RNSV. Ramakanth, K. Rajesh Kumar
Abstract: This paper focuses on the various researches on CFD analysis in the field of heat exchanger. Shell and tube heat exchanger is an indirect contact type heat exchange as it consists of a series of tubes, through which one of the fluids runs. They are widely used in power plant, chemical plants, petrochemical plants and automotive applications. Different turbulence models available in general purpose commercial CFD tools likes? k-? model, K-? model and K- ? SST models. Different CFD code available like CFX, FLUENT. The quality of the solution has proved that CFD is effective to predict the behavior and performance of a wide variety of heat exchanger.
Keywords: Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger, CFD computational fluid dynamics, Heat Transfer Characteristics, effectiveness., Research Paper, Mechanical Engineering, India
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