Diversity and Abundance of Phytoplanktons from Wetlands of Yellandu

K. Rajyalaxmi, M. Aruna
Abstract: ABSTRACT: Phytoplanktons are primary producers of aquatic matter in the aquatic environment. Because of their photosynthetic activity they provide food to aquatic flora and fuana and they make the environment suitable for the existence of organisms by releasing Oxygen into the environment they constitute the main link in aquatic food chain. The present study focuses on the diversity and abundance of phytoplankton in three seasons. A survey was carried out in three wet lands of Yellandu region in district of Bhadradri kothagudem in Telangana state. Studies were under taken to document diversity and richness of phytoplanktons of the region. The investigation revealed that Yellandu wetland region sustains a very rich phytoplankton diversity and unique aquatic community. Collections from the study sites showed rich unicellular and filamentous algae belonging to various classes, such as Cyanophyceae, Chlorophyceae, Bacillariophyceae & Euglenophyceae.
Keywords: Phytoplanktons, Yellandu lake, Challasamudram lake, Madharam lake, Research Paper, Botany Science, India
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