Effect of Sustained Natural Apophyseal Glides (SNAGs) on Thoracic Spine and Strengthening of Rhomboids in the Management of Scapular Pain in Computer Professional - A Case Report

Farzana Alam
Abstract: Abstract: Introduction-Injuries or disorders of musculoskeletal tissue around the scapular region are common amongst computer professionals due to workplace risk factors like poor posture, repetitive strain or overuse injuries. This study evaluated the effect of physiotherapy in the management of scapular pain in a computer professional using a single case study. Following six sessions of physiotherapy the pain and functional impairment reduced as evaluated by Visual Analogue Scale and Patient Specific Functional Questionnaire.
Keywords: Physiotherapy, Scapular Pain, Sustained Natural Apophyseal Glide (SNAG), Thoracic Spine, Rhomboids., Case Studies, Physiotherapy, India
PDF Link: https://www.ijsr.net/archive/v7i1/ART20179341.pdf