Indianism and Its Complexities in Globalization

Asha Singh
Abstract: India is a country where we find a creative blend of cultures, religions, diversity, traditions, religious beliefs, hierarchy, races and languages. The rich cultural heritage of India dates back at least 5,000 years influences the way Indians behave and communicate. For successful business relations across India and with Indians, it is important to understand the Indian culture, its traditions and regional influences and how these factors influence the language and style of communication of an Indian. This paper aims to highlight some of the characteristic features of the people of India, their style of verbal and nonverbal communication, the way they behave with respect to factors of non-verbal communication like space, time, colour, smell and body language. It also tries to study the strong regional influence on the way they speak English, a style which is so distinct and unique and which is so popularly known as Indianism.
Keywords: Indian English,, Informative Article, Communication or Media Studies, India
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