Literature Works as a Learning Facility for History

Margriet Lappia
Abstract: For thousands of years history passed on orally from one generation to another. In ancient Greece, the poet Homerus created literary works of the Iliad, the heroic poem of the Trojan war, while Herodotus the historian narrates the Peloponnesian war but his work still mixed with the story of the gods. Thucydides was the first historical writer to attempt to eliminate all the elements of fiction and write facts of pure history, but to this day there are still many works of literature that have inspired or even entirely based on real stories in the past. Intertext Theory states that the authors create actions that are not wholly the product of their thinking, but mainly compile them from several earlier texts, blend them with life experiences, what they have ever read or seen and experience, and formulate them with the style and writing characteristic of their character, becomes a new work. Especially a novel / historical romance based on historical facts of the past. This research wishes to reveal that authentic learning, in addition to done through historical, scientific work, can also help through literary works based on ancient sources, especially for those who want to know history in the cultural and social context, as well as for those who do not want to study it scientifically pure. For that will done several classifications of novel / historical romance based on the level of truth truths disclosure rather than fiction, as well as benefit principles perceived history and non-history students in utilizing literary works to obtain historical knowledge.
Keywords: Literary Works, Historical Facts, Text Criticism, Intertext, Learning Tools, Research Paper, History, Indonesia
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