Morphometry and Histology of Ovaries in Malabari Goats

Bijna .M, Karthiayini K., Lucy, K. M.
Abstract: The almond-shaped pale colored ovaries in Malabari goats were seen situated in the edge of the mesovarium. The mean (? S.E) value of weight, thickness and breadth of right (1.69?0.26g, 4.66 ?0.29mm, 10.40?0.31mm) and left (1.65 ? 0.22 g, 4.49?0.22 mm and 10.33?0.40 mm) ovaries were not significantly different in Malabari breed. The length of right ovary (17.87?0.79mm) was significantly higher than that of the left (15.31?0.57mm). There was no significant difference in the number of medium sized follicles (3-5 mm) and large follicles (>5 mm) between left and right ovaries. The primordial follicles had a mean diameter of 68.04?0.33?m. The average diameter of primary follicle, secondary and Graafian follicle was 115.13?0.64 ?m, 227.85? 0.43 ?m and 970?33.78?m, respectively.
Keywords: Ovary, primary, secondary, Graafian, oocyte, Research Paper, Veterinary Science, India
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