New Approach of Equalizing Electrocardiographic Signals using Least Mean Squares Technique

Yasir Salam Abdulghafoor Al-Khafaji
Abstract: The shortage of the specialist healthcare center in some regions far from the big cities leads to top urgent way to exchange medical information using the standard ways of communication, which is referred to as Telemedicine. Telemedicine plays an important role in a patient treatment and enhancement the patient health by digitizing and transmitting the medical information of the patient electronically. Recently the (CVD)s risk detection is needed for the cardiovascular disease (CVD). Electrocardiogram (ECG) is highly preferred for CVD prediction. Transmission of ECG signals is subjugated to inter symbol interference (ISI) through a channel of limited band. In this paper, a new approach of equalizing the effective transmitted ECG signal across the communication channel using the least mean squares (LMS) technique to improve the performance of symbol spaced adaptive channel equalizer. The Rayleigh fading and adaptive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) channels are considered in the implementation. The validation results using the proposed approach show significant bit error rate with respect to the existing similar works in literature.
Keywords: Symbol Spaced Adaptive filtering, ISI, AWGN, ECG, LMS., Research Paper, Biological Engineering, Iraq
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