Nutritional Zinc Status of Free-Living Elderly Farmers in Abanla Village, Oyo State, Nigeria
Abiola Akintunde, Ganiyat Akintunde
Abstract: One hundred and twenty elderly farmers aged 60-100 years living in Abanla village of Idi-Ayunre Local Government area of Oyo State, Nigeria, were assessed for dietary and urinary Zinc excretion. Dietary zinc intakes were measured from meals consumed over a two day period. The dietary zinc intake of the elderly male and female farmers was similar(P>0.05).The mean daily zinc intake of 12.46+/-1.45mg for males and 11.82+/-2.61mg for females appeared marginally adequate compared to the recommended dietary allowance (RDA). The respondents may be deficient in zinc because there was lack of or low intake of rich sources of zinc such as beef, egg, and oyster. The diet of the elderly people were also predominantly of plant origin. However, the urinary zinc excretion was within acceptable ranges. The males excreted significantly more (P
Keywords: Nutrition, Zinc status, Elderly, Farmers, free-living., Research Paper, Agriculture, Lesotho
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