Problems Facing University Students of English in Translating Religious and Legal Texts A Case Study: English Language Students, Faculty of Education, University of Gezira

Shirien Gaffar Mohammed
Abstract: Abstract : The study aimed at investigating the difficulties facing English language learners at University level in translating religious and legal texts. The study adopted the descriptive and experimental method. The sample consisted of twenty lecturers and one hundred University students from Batch (36). The tools of data collection which were used: two questionnaires the first one is directed to the students and the second one is directed to the lecturers, and a diagnostic test whose validity and reliability were verified. The results of the test show that the examine fail to communicate the messages in the religious and legal texts. The study revealed that the majority of the difficulties encountering English. Language learners at University level in translating religious and legal texts, were due to factors related to language (terms, concepts and structures) and factors un-related to language (the holiness of religious texts) and that students are to a large extent motivated to study the translation of religious and legal texts that are included in translation courses are inadequate. Group discussion and intensive practice are essential in teaching translation of these texts. The study recommended that teachers should familiarize students' with structures, terms and concepts of religious and legal text teachers should include many of these texts in translation's courses. Teachers should consider group discussion and intensive practice in teaching the translation of the mentioned texts.
Keywords: Translation/Religious and Legal texts, Research Paper, Arts and Humanities, Sudan
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