Quick Surveillance using IP Camera

Neeraj Jangid, Drishti Shishodiya
Abstract: IP cameras are heavily used in every corner around the world for 24 Hr. surveillance. But in the running world it is next to impossible for an individual to sit in front of the screen for the check, also it takes a large efforts to check any suspicious activities going on as the sample (24 Hr. video) is too large. This idea focusses on reducing the data sample (i.e. 24 Hr. video) into a video sample which can be accessed within minutes. The idea works on the basic principle of screenshots. A large video of a complete day surveillance can be brought down to minutes of surveillance using screenshots thus giving a quick access to the user to skim through the entire day.
Keywords: IP camera, Security, Image Processing, Video., Research Paper, Digital Signal Processing, India
PDF Link: https://www.ijsr.net/archive/v7i1/ART20179191.pdf