Safe Disposal of Hospital Waste - A Review

Nirmal Paul, Priyabrata Banerjee, Pradip Kumar Chatterjee
Abstract: Background/Objectives: The issue of improper Bio-Medical waste management is one of the serious ones all over the world. It was first discussed in a meeting by The World Health Organization Regional office for Europe at Bergen, Norway in 1983. The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) of USA first brought the issue into limelight while investigating the matter of ?beach wash-ups? during summer 1998. That?s why USA is considered to be the pioneer in the field of Waste Management. But when the issue concerns India, it becomes a more serious one. The issue has from time to time drawn the attention of the Hon?ble Supreme Court of India and Apex Court and the Government of India. Several non-Government organizations also have conducted so many survey works. They have issued several instructions regarding the management of Bio-Medical Waste. But all instructions, rules or laws have not always proved to be effective in India. This study explores [i] the rules for management and handling of biomedical wastes; [ii] the definition, categories of biomedical wastes, suggested storage containers including colour-coding and treatment options, [iii] the effects of biomedical waste in the environment such as air, land, radioactive pollution and [iv] disposal of wastes, regulation and recommendations [v] the reasons why the previous instructions have not succeeded fully in India.
Keywords: Hospital solid waste; health hazard; disposal methods, Research Paper, Chemistry, India
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