The Culture and Nationalism of the Arab World: In a Historical Perspective

Muhammad Bahar Akkase Teng
Abstract: Arabic culture. Before Islam, known to the period of ignorance, there was a belief in jinn, spirits, and ghosts. The habit of drinking wine, gambling, prostitution, theft, robbery, and fights. The purpose of this study is to reveal Arab cultures during the period of ignorance, medieval and explain Arab nationalism in the Middle East. In qualitative research methodologies, there are various commonly used data/resource collection methods. Literature method is one of the data collection methods used in social research methodology to trace historical data. Materials may have published notes, textbooks, newspapers, magazines, letters, films, diaries, Literature, articles, and the like. Culture and Medieval Arab Civilization. In Arab Islamic civilization has a foundation, namely Hellenistic and Iranian Arabic civilization developed under the support of the caliph and expressed in Arabic. Arab nationalism. Indeed, the idea of nationalism has existed long ago, since the existence of human society. This paper provides an overview of the situation and condition of the Arab community of Jahiliyah, the morals of the Arab nation. Arab customs and culture prefer idol worship. Arabs have unique morals that no other country has, such as; Prostitution or adultery among men or women by the Arabs in the Arabian Peninsula before Islam was a common practice, not to the extent that the low level of the person doing the work.
Keywords: The Civilizations of the Arab World, the Age of Jahiliyah, Culture, and History, Research Paper, History, Indonesia
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