The Effect of Shoulder Pain to Handgrip Strength and Knee Pain to Quadriceps Strength

Dr. Amre S Hamdi, Faisal A Aljabri, Naif M Alharbi, Mohammed S Alhamed, Mohammed S Alghamdi, Moath A Alshrif
Abstract: Shoulder and knee pains are disabling pains. Understanding the causes and effects of these pains is vital for us to perform our daily task without any restriction and to be able to live our lives hassle-free. The aim of this study is to determine the effect of shoulder pain to hand grip strength, as well as, the effect of knee pain to quadriceps strength. Shoulder and knee strengths were measured using a hand-held dynamometer. Shoulder and knee pain were assessed using questionnaires such as TDASH and WOMAC. The overall results of the present study showed that shoulder pain weakens hand grip strength, at the same time, knee pain weakens quadriceps strength. Furthermore, TDASH score were predominantly higher in patients with shoulder pain. On the other hand, knee pain assessment showed no conclusive data.
Keywords: knee pain, quadriceps muscle , power,rotator cuff, Research Paper, Medical Surgical, Saudi Arabia
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