The Influence of Pasture Protective Plants on the Productivity of Desert Pastures

Hamroev Husen Fatulloevich
Abstract: The expansion of desert areas as a result of climate change on the globe creates the need for efficient use of these areas. Desert lands are mainly used as pastures. However, climatic and anthropogenic impacts cause deterioration of desert pastures. In order to reduce the impact of climate factors, it is recommended to build pastures with forest belts. This article provides results of research regarding improvement of yield productivity of desert pastures. According to researches, forest belts have a positive impact on the growth and development of the pastures, and it has been found that the pasture yields increase by an average of 6.2 times.
Keywords: desert pastures, forest belts, anthropogenic factors, productivity, agrophytocenosis, Haloxylon aphyllum, Halothamnus subaphyllus and Ceratoides eversmaniana., Research Paper, Forestry Science, Uzbekistan
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