Thermal and Fluid Flow Analysis of an Corrugated and Wavy Channels: "A Comprehensive Review"
L. Rajeshwar Rao, S. S. K. Deepak
Abstract: This paper focuses to extensive review on the fluid flow and heat transfer over a corrugated, smooth and wavy channel. Corrugated and wavy channel have been used in many environmental and industrial applications such as heat exchanger, combustion chamber, heating and cooling system, chemical process, etc. The main purpose for adopting corrugated, wavy surface instead of using smooth channel is due to enhance the mass and heat transfer phenomenon, related with large pressure discrepancy. Essentially, the fully developed flow over a corrugated, wavy surface, in any laminar or turbulent flow, is greatly advanced and complex than the flow over a smooth surface. Several researches have been carried out experimentally, numerically and computationally to explore the flow characteristics over corrugated and wavy surfaces for various engineering applications which has been stated in this paper.
Keywords: Corrugated, heat transfer, Mass transfer, Reynolds Number., M.Tech / M.E / PhD Thesis, Mechanical Engineering, India
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