A Study of Pre-Natal Diagnosis Using USG and Other Mode of Interventional Investigations

Dr Vijay Kumar
Abstract: Ultrasound plays a central role in the provision of prenatal screening and diagnosis. Not only is ultrasound key to guiding prenatal diagnostic procedures, but integration of a genetics-based prenatal diagnosis program has been shown to increase the accuracy of diagnosis when compared to ultrasound alone. Genetic diseases are often perceived as so rare that the average practitioner will seldom encounter them. However, our increasing knowledge and technologic advances in prenatal diagnosis have demonstrated that this is far from the case. These improvements in prenatal screening and diagnosis mean that many more at-risk couples are able to have unaffected children. Thirty patients who came in for the routine Prenatal Check-up scan were made to undergo USG scanning and the results are reported. This study is done in the Department of OBG, in Yenepoya Medical College, Mangalore. Indications for the scan, gestational age, the population examined (high risk versus low risk), quality of imaging, criteria for an abnormal scan, the type of chromosomal abnormality, and experience of the examiner are all the factors that has to be looked befor coming to a final diagnosis.
Keywords: Ultrasound, Non-Invasive, Pre-Natal, Diagnosis, Role., Research Paper, Medicine Science, India
PDF Link: https://www.ijsr.net/archive/v7i1/ART20179337.pdf