A Study to Analyze the Effectiveness of Postnatal Exercise in Improving Functional Status on Caesarean Women

G. Vaishnavi, K. Kirupa, C. J. Jayson, R. Vidyalakshmi
Abstract: ABSTRACT RESEARCH DESIGN Randomized control trial POPULATION FOR THE STUDY Female with the age group of 22-35 years who has undergone a caesarean delivery. SAMPLE SIZE AND SAMPLING METHOD From the population 40 subjects were taken and divided in to two groups, each group contains 20 members. STUDY SETTING Study was conducted on Department of Physiotherapy ACS General Hospital. VARIABLES OF THE STUDY Dependent variable --- Inventory of functional status after childbirth. Independent variable --- Exercises CRITERIA INCLUSION CRITERIA 1. Subjects with caesarean delivery 2. Subjects with age group of 22-35 3. Referred from obstetrics department. EXCLUSION CRITERIA 1. Subjects with vaginal delivery, forceps, vacuum Extraction delivery. 2. Subjects with age group beyond 35 3. Subjects with cardiovascular complications. 4. High risk pregnancy. 5. Subjects with musculoskeletal complications MATERIALS USED 1. Couch 2. Pillow 3. Towel 4. Mattress TOOLS FOR DATA COLLECTION Inventory of functional status after childbirth scale. CONCLUSION EXERCISE PROGRM WAS SIGNIFICANTLY EFFECTIVE IN TORING THE FUNCTIONAL STATUS. KEYWORD CAESAREAN WOMEN, INVENTORY FUNCTIONAL STATUS, POSTNATAL EXERCISE
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