Application of Multi-Channel Analysis of Surface Waves Method to Determine Optimum Parameter Settings in Karst Terrain in Southwest Missouri

Nathainail Bashir, Abdullah Al-haj, Neil Anderson, Evgeniy Torgashov
Abstract: Active MASW data were acquired in karst areas in southwest Missouri in an effort to characterize the parameter settings of multi-channel analysis of surface waves. Our experience falling behind the quality of MASW data acquired is highly variable, especially where soils are less than 30 feet thick. In an effort to determine why the quality of active MASW data acquired in karst terrain is frequently highly variable, we acquired Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) data along linear traverse at study location to find the parameter settings of MASW. The MASW data profiles were acquired at multiple locations along ERT traverse. The data acquisition of MASW were performed by using a 24-channels geophone and both 2.5 feet geophone spacing and 5 feet geophone spacing. In order to confirm the accuracy of parameter settings we made the depth of bedrock as a standard, this depth should have to be comparable on both MASW and ERT data. After comparing MASW and ERT data results, it is determined that smaller geophone spacing, and off-set distance recommended in karst terrain.
Keywords: MASW, ERT, Karst Terrain, seismograph, Missouri., Research Paper, Geophysics Science, United States of America
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