Behavior of Damping Properties of Cloisite 10A Blended Epoxy Resin Aluminium-Glass Fiber Reinforced Sandwich Sheets

Mathivanan P, Thirugnanam S, Gnanasundara Jayaraja B
Abstract: Sandwich structures made of Aluminium-Glass Fiber Reinforced sheet layers find application in aerospace structures because of their high strength to weight ratio. This paper discusses on the work done to find how the damping properties of Aluminium-Glass Fiber Reinforced sandwich sheets varied at various impact velocities due to blending Cloisite 10A nano material with the epoxy resin. The damping factor was found by drop weight technique. Results show that blending Cloisite 10A with epoxy resin increases the damping factor at fixed impact velocity. The damping property is found to be higher at greater impact velocities. Upto blending of 3% of Cloisite 10A, it is found that the damping factor rises at a greater rate and for more than 3% blending it is observed that there is only a marginal increase.
Keywords: Cloisite 10A, drop weight method, damping factor., India, Material Science and Engineering, Research Paper
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