Correlation between Oral Hygiene Index-Simplified (OHI-S) and Various Body Mass Index (BMI) Among 6-8 Years Old Children in Bandung City

Emma Rachmawati, Dyah Nindita Carolina, Agus Susanto, Indra Mustika, Risti Saptarini Primarti
Abstract: Abstract. Oral hygiene index (OHI-S) and body mass index (BMI) are two of the most important indexes to determine quantitative factors related to malnutrition and oral hygiene. Aim. The aim of this study is to correlate BMI and OHI-S in 6?8 years of age children in Bandung City. Method. This study was cross sectional with consecutive sample by selecting 211 students of 6-8 years of age from several elementary school in Bandung City. BMI was evaluated by measuring subjects? weights and height. Simplified oral hygiene index (OHI-S) was determined by Green?Vermillion. The data gained was analyzed by using chi-square and its correlation is determined by contingence coefficient. Result. statistical test result shows that t-value (6,793) < t-table (12,592) which means there is no relationship between BMI with OHI-S. The contingency coefficient test gives the result of C=0,177 which is belong to interval of 0.00< C < 0.25 identifying that the correlation between BMI and OHI-S is included in degree of weak association. Conclusion. It can be concluded that there is no clear relationship between oral hygiene index simplified with body mass index among children aged 6-8 years old.
Keywords: Oral hygiene index-simplified (OHI-S), body mass index (BMI)., Research Paper, Dental Science, Indonesia
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