Evaluation of Anxiety, Fear and Physiological Responses among Children with and without Presence of Their Parents in Dental Clinic during Dental Treatment

Noor A. Kadhim, B.D.S.
Abstract: Background: Fear of and anxiety towards going to dentists are major problems for a sizeable proportion of children dispute exists in literature regarding presence of parents during their child?s dental treatment the aims of present study to evaluate anxiety ,fear and physiological responses among children with and without presence of their parents in dental clinic during dental treatment (pulpatomy treatment). Materials and method: sixty child were involved in current study dividing into two groups according to presence or absence of their parents in dental clinic during pulpatomy treatment of their primary molars ,assessment of anxiety was done using Colored Version of Modified Facial Affective Scale ? three faces: 1. No Anxiety; 2. Some Anxiety; 3. Very High Anxiety, assessment of fear was done by using Fear assessment picture scale for girls and boys. Assessment of physiological response(pulse rate , oxygen saturation) was done by using pulse oximeter. The assessment of variables (anxiety, fear, pulse rate oxygen saturation) was measured in three intervals first before pulpatomy treatment (during oral examination),second during pulpatomy treatment when placed of pulpotec material inside pulp chamber ,third after finished pulpatomy treatment. Result:. Statistically non-significant differences were showed in anxiety, fear, pulse rate and oxygen saturation among children with and without presences of their parents in dental clinic regarding three interval of measure(before, during and after pulpatomy treatment ). Non-significant differences found in fear, pulse rate and oxygen saturation among three intervals of measure within inter group (children with and without presence of parents during dental treatment)while significant differences in anxiety found between two intervals( during and after dental treatment )through using Friedman test within intergroup of children with presences of parent while did not reach to significant value among children with absences of their parents at three interval of measure. Conclusion: with limitation of present study the presences and absence of parents in dental clinic had no impact or effect on objective and subjective measures of anxiety and fear of children aged (6-9) years old and anxiety may elevate during the middle interval of pulpatomy treatment among children with their parents presences in dental clinic .
Keywords: presence of parent, fear, anxiety, physiological responses, Research Paper, Dental Science, Iraq
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