Implementation of Total Productive Maintenance for Reducing Losses and Improving Productivity of Slotting and Honing Machine

Thorat Swapnil V, Patil Rajkumar
Abstract: Every company emphasizes on productivity of the company which is measure of the rate at which outputs of goods and services are produced per unit of input (labour, capital, raw materials, etc.). productivity is used to find out the efficiency of the firm or industry. Hence there is need to adopt such technique which increases the efficiency of production. TPM is a tool which improves manufacturing efficiency. The TPM program is adopted in industry not only to increase the productivity but to increase the quality of product also. TPM affects on manufacturing processes along with the employee morale and job satisfaction. This paper emphasizes on effect of TPM on efficacy of slotting and honing machine. The research was carried in machining division of company. Concept is implemented in the machine shop having CNC machines, honing machines of different capacity. And its effect on overall equipment effectiveness is calculated. As overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) gives us performance, availability and quality efficiencies. The losses associated with equipment effectiveness are identified. Pillars of TPM are implemented and its effect pillarwise is observed. There was much increase in availability, performance and quality efficiencies of machines, with the reduction in losses.
Keywords: TPM, OEE, Quality, Availability, Performance, Research Paper, Industrial Engineering, India
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