Investigation of Anti-biofilm Effect of Syzygiumaromaticum Plant Extracts against Oral Pathogens
Sura Muayad Abdel Majeed
Abstract: Given the incidence of oral disease, increased resistance by microorganisms to antibiotics, adverse effects of some antimicrobial agents currently used in dentistry.Therefore, this work was performed to estimate the antimicrobial activity of both the aqueous and ethanol extracts of Syzygiumaromaticum against oral pathogens. The activity of the S. aromaticum was evaluated by broth microdilution method determining minimal inhibitory concentration and biofilm adopting microtitre plate crystal violet assay. The results showed that the MIC values of the aqueous extracts against all oral species ranged between 12.50-25mg/ml, while the MIC value of ethanol extracts was ranged between 6.25-12.50mg/ml.All clinical isolates were capable of biofilm formation in various amounts.The aqueous and ethanol extracts of the S. aromaticum presented anti-biofilm activity against the oral pathogens, the best inhibitory effect on Staphlococcus. epidermidis which was (68.3%), as compared to the inhibition percentage of aqueous extract which was (59.2%) Also,Candida albicans was demonstrated the better results in ethanol extracts 67.61% as compared to aqueous extract which was 60.31%. Finally, the ethanol extract of S. aromaticum appeared the better results of antimicrobial activity and ability to control biofilm formation.
Keywords: Antimicrobial Activity, Syzygiumaromaticum, Biofilm, and Oral Pathogens., Research Paper, Biological Sciences, Iraq
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