Motoring the Environmental Changes in Al-Hawizeh Marsh using Remote Sensing Techniques

Ebtesam F. Khanjer
Abstract: Remote sensing data in combination with the appropriate multispectral bands such as Landsat OLI/TIR and TM data were used to get change detection of amount of water changes cover using multi-spectra and spatio ?temporal Landsat satellite images for the periods of 1990 ? 2015 in Al-hawizeh marsh in southern of Iraq. Multi Pre-processing image techniques have been adopted include geometric correction, atmospheric correction, image clipping and Enhancement. After these steps has been used results images classification to chafe these changes in Hawizeh marshes by using supervised classification technique From the results of classification process indicate the water bodies was much decreased in year 2000 than 1990 and increased in 2015 than 2000 but less than 1990.
Keywords: AL-Huwiza marsh, Landsat satellite images, change detection, image classification., Research Paper, Physics and Astronomy, Iraq
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