Plasma Effect on A.C Electrical Properties of (pva-pvp-MnO2) Nano Composites for Piezoelectric Application

Farah T. M. Noori, Mehdi .E .M
Abstract: Abstract: This paper, study Fourier transforms Infrared Spectroscopy Analysis and the effect of plasma effect on A.C electrical and piezoelectric properties of biopolymers blend with addition of Magnesium oxide as (PVA-PVP/MnO2) Nano composites. The magnesium oxide nanoparticle was added to the polymers mixture (polyvinyl alcohol 86wt.% and Polyvinyl pyrrolidone 16wt.%) with different weight percentages are (0, 2, 4, 6,8) wt.%.. The piezoelectric properties started from pressure (80-200) Pa before and after plasma. The result describes it at diagnosis using the polymers mixture spectrum and we found that there are no chemical interaction between two polymers and it's good physical mixture als A.C electrical which is measured in the frequency range we note increase in dielectric Constance at increasing concentrations magnesium oxide in the temperature of room for configuring network of particles magnesium oxide that the increase in dielectric constant back increase shipments polarized at increasing concentrations. And the resistance decrease with the increase pressure and concentration of art added because polarization inside the composites. But the resistance less than its majority shed plasma and when increase of the weight percentages of magnesium oxide nanoparticle.
Keywords: Nano composite, Fourier transforms Infrared Spectroscopy Analysis, A.C electrical, piezoelectric properties polyvinyl alcohol, polyvinyl pyrrolidone, magnesium Oxide, pressure (par)., Research Paper, Physics Science, Iraq
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