Production a Digital Map with the Aid of Total Station and (GIS)

Amal Mahdi Ali
Abstract: Geographic information system (GIS) is utilized in a variety of tasks such as, resource management, urban planning, emergency planning in case of accident, and rapid response etc. The aim of this study is to produce a digital map with the aid of GIS and a survey data. A survey data is conducted with Total Station technique on sanitary planning positions. The campus of Baghdad University is chosen to test the execution and accuracy of the results for sewer manholes locations. During the field survey, Total Station (Nikon Nivo) is used to identify the 3-D coordinates for each location. Finally, Geographical Information System (GIS) are utilized to present the digital map of the network sewer pipe line to the end users. Although Geographic Information System survey has many advantages compared to the traditional system that acquired from the traditional survey such as digitizing system because its limitations.
Keywords: digital map, GIS, manholes, location, planning., Research Paper, Civil Engineering, Iraq
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