Resistant Varieties of Tomato Against Root Knot Nematodes and Cladosporium in the Southern Parts of Uzbekistan

Nadjiyev Jurakhan Norsaidovich, Aramov Muzaffar Hoshimovich
Abstract: Article describes the investigation results conducted in CPE and KITI scientific-research stations of Surkhandarya region concerning the creating tomato varieties and lines with the qualities of high yielding, transportable and resistant to the root knot nematodes and cladosporium. Regarding the results of investigation the following lines: highest total yielding (60,3-71,9 t/h?): L-26-5, L 26-1, L- 30-1, L-42-1, L-44-4 and L-70-1; Resistant to root knot nematodes: L- 41-1, L-42-1, L-42-5, L-44-1, L-44-4, L-46-2, L- 47-5, L-47-5 L-59-2, L- 64-4 and L-70-1; resistant to cladosporium: L-63-2, L-63-4, L-63-5, L-64-4 and L-65-1; and selected the line which is resistant to root knot nematodes and cladosporium in a group L-64-4.
Keywords: tomato, root knot nematodes, cladosporium, selection, line, select, resistance, variety, disease, generation, control sort, transportable, infected, Research Paper, Agriculture, Uzbekistan
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