RP- HPLC-DAD Method for Simultaneous Determination of Carvedilol and Pravastatin Sodium in their Binary Mixture

Maha F. El-Tohamy, Abdulkareem Abdulraheem
Abstract: Abstract: This new study described a simple, sensitive and rapid isocratic chromatographic separation for simultaneous determination of carvedilol and pravastatin sodium in their binary mixture. A poroshell 120 EC. C18 column and a mobile phase composed of 0.04 mol L-1 phosphoric acid: acetonitrile: triethylamine of (40:60:0.15 v/v/v) were applied in the chromatographic separation of the selected drugs using diode array for peaks detection and confirmation. The mobile phase was pumped at a flow rate of 1.0 mL min-1 and the peak areas of the analytes were quantified at 238 nm and 240 nm with retention times of 2.19 and 2.82 min, for carvedilol and pravastatin sodium, respectively. The suitability of the chromatographic method was investigated and the constructed calibration graphs were found to be linear over the concentration ranges of 5-120 ?g mL-1 ( r = 0.9997) and 2-100 ?g mL-1 (r = 0.9995) for carvedilol and pravastatin sodium drugs with lower detection and quantification limits of 2.59 and 0.16 for carvedilol and 3.86, 0.98 ?g mL-1 for pravastatin sodium, respectively. The proposed method was employed to prove its selectivity as well as specificity by the detection of the two drugs from their laboratory binary mixtures.
Keywords: Carvedilol, Pravastatin sodium, RP-HPLC-DAD, Pharmaceutical formulations, Research Paper, Chemistry, Saudi Arabia
PDF Link: https://www.ijsr.net/archive/v7i1/ART20179258.pdf