Selection of Temporary Debris Collection Areas using the Geographic Information System (GIS) Program

Noor Sameer Alkhalissi
Abstract: : Geographic Information System (GIS) is very helpful tool in area management. It was used to predict the best candidate locations for temporary debris collection area in Baghdad. From the map of Baghdad, the city of Kadhimiyah, which consists of four regions (Kadhimiyah, Utefiyah, Shu?laa, and Hurriah), was used as an example to demonstrate the process of utilizing the program to search for adequate empty spaces that will be used as temporary places for debris collection. Empty spaces and areas within the center of each district or neighboring districts were determined by the GIS program and some of these spaces were considered as highly recommended areas for debris collection temporarily. This process is considered important from the economical point of view because the cost of collecting and transporting the debris is greatly reduced by using two stages (from residential area to temporary collection place, and then to the final landfill place) instead of one stage (from residential area directly to the landfill site). The study revealed that a noticeable reduction in the cost can be gained through using temporary debris collection areas.
Keywords: Debris collection, Empty spaces, GIS, Research Paper, Civil Engineering, Iraq
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