Survey on Knowledge and Attitude about Organ Donation among All Medical Faculties of K.I.M.S.D.U, Karad

Sunita Tata, Neville Tata, Simi Elsa Philip
Abstract: Methods: A Cross sectional study was done at Krishna Institute of Medical sciences deemed University , Karad , Maharashtra . Data containing sample size of 126 was collected through convenience sampling. After taking informed consent, questionnaires were filled. The data collection tool was a multipart questionnaire including demographic information, 15questions about knowledge and 15 question about attitude toward organ donation with dichotomous scale (Yes/No). Results: In the total of 126, majority of subjects 92 (73%) have average range of knowledge regarding organ donation , followed by 14 (11% ) of subjects have good knowledge regarding organ donation and 20 subjects (16%) have poor knowledge about organ donation with the mean score of knowledge was 11.01 (SD 1.55). In attitude, majority of the subjects 65 (51.5%) have average attitude with score of being 11-12 , followed by 39 (30.9%) having good attitude about organ donation with score of being > =13 and minority of the subjects 22 (17.46%) have poor attitude with score of being < =10 . the mean attitude score was 11.1 with SD 1.45. Conclusion: There is overall a positive attitude of medical faculty towards organ donation. Study also implies awareness should be increased about the benefits of organ donation through the means of mass communication .Further studies are needed to promote and motivate the general population for organ donation.
Keywords: organ donation, knowledge, attitude, Medical faculty, Research Paper, Medicine Science, India
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