The Effect of Ownership Structure on Financial Performance of Listed Companies in Palestine Exchange (PEX)
Wasim M. Y. Falah
Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to report the results of the study carried out to examines the relationship between the Ownership structure on firms? performance of Palestine Stock Exchange (PEX). Design/Methodology: This study is cross?sectional and correlation. This study utilizes OLS regression models based on a sample of 32 firms listed on the Palestine Stock Exchange (PEX)during the period of 2008-2016. Findings: The study finds that the relation between concentration ownership (own more than 5%) and performance in ROA is negative and significant whereas the relation between institutional ownership and performance in ROA , ROE and TobinQ is negative and significant. Research limitations/ implications: the size of the sample is a limitation because the market in Palestine is small and was reduced from 48 firms to 32 firms, and this study does not examine the impact of board sub-committees for Palestinian companies because no data are available from annual reports concerning them, Therefore, further research may want to consider other components of ownership structure variables, such as government ownership
Keywords: Ownership structure, firm performance, Palestine., Research Paper, Finance, Malaysia
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