The Effect of Woods' Strategy on Achieving of Second Grade Students in Physics

Dr. Majed Saleem Aziz
Abstract: The aim of this research is to investigate the impact of Woods ' strategy in collecting second graders average for physics. To achieve the objective researcher coined the following hypothesis: there was no statistically significant difference at a level (0.05) between the average grades of the experimental group students studying physics as Woods and strategy between the average control group students who are studying the same article in the regular way. Test collection. Search sample amounted to (83) students and (42) students for the experimental group, and (41) students for the control group. Students were subjected to test experiment is composed of (30) after the completion of the experiment. And use appropriate statistical methods researcher as a t-test (t-test) for data processing, the results showed a statistically significant difference between the mean average score for the experimental group students and students in the control group and the experimental group Test collection, thus rejecting the zero hypothesis, this result implies superiority of the experimental group students who studied according to the strategy of Woods, the control group students who studied on this way.
Keywords: Woods ' strategy, Research Paper, Physical Education, Iraq
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