The Role of Natural Products in Management of Neuropathic Pain

Putri Rossyana Dewi, I Putu Eka Widyadharma
Abstract: Neuropathic pain as pain caused by lesion of the somatosensory nervous system, which causes unpleasant and abnormal sensation (dysesthesia), an increased response to painful stimuli (hyperalgesia), and pain in response to a stimulus that normally does not induce pain response (allodynia). As the prevalence of neuropathic pain is increasing in many countries, well management of neuropathic pain is necessary to develop. Despite the progress in recent years to develop the therapy, there is still need effective analgesic agent to manage neuropathic pain. Recently, the researchers have discovered some natural products and its derived compound that have an analgesic function and effective to manage neuropathic pain with limited adverse effects. In this review, some natural products and its function related to manage neuropathic pain will be explained.
Keywords: Neuropathic pain, Analgesic agent, Natural Products, Review Papers, Biomedical Sciences, Indonesia
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