Vulvar Cavernous Hemangioma

Dr. Riddhi Shah, Dr. Usha Parekh
Abstract: Vulvar hemangioma is a benign tumour consisting of the vascular epithelial cells. It is verycommon in infants under the age of 1 year ,but, very rare in adult women . It causes sexualdysfunction, pain, and cosmetic problems. We present a rare case of 20 year old unmarried, unengaged female who came withcomplaints of an abnormal growth on right side of vagina for 6 years which had graduallybeen increasing in size. She suffered with difficulty during sexual intercourse and constantdiscomfort . On examination , we appreciated a soft growth of about 4?5 cm, arising fromright labia majora, pendunculated, non -tender with irregular margins. No punctum ,discharge or inflammation could be seen .Transillumination test was positive. Among other investigations , an ultrasonography with Doppler was done which revealed thatthe lesion measured about 3.4?1.3?1.5 cm and it arose from subcutaneous plane of right labiamajora, showing internal vascularity. Pedicle of the lesion showed vascularity of lowvelocity arterial flow. No fat or calcification could be noted.Excision was done under local anaesthesia and sutured at the base. The specimen was then sent for histopathological examination, which revealed a vulvar haemangioma.Vulvar Hemangioma can seldom undergo spontaneous involution; but treatment is required for those lesions which develop progressive complaints such as pain, feeling of pressure , sexual dysfunction and cosmetic problems. In this case, surgical correction was done which had diagnostic as well as a therapeutic value.
Keywords: vulva,hemangioma, Case Studies, Gynaecology, India
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