"Zinc Removal from Simulated Wastewater by Flotation Method"
Farrah Emad Al-Damluji
Abstract: Tests were done to achieve the best results removing zinc ions from wastewater that was simulated in the laboratory. This was investigated by implementing flotation method which was accomplished by employing sodium dodecyl sulfate; i.e. SDS as a surfactant. Experiments were carried out to study the effect of various parameters such as pH (4, 5, and 8), initial zinc ions concentration (30, 60, and 120) mg/L, flow rates (250, 500 and 1000cm3/min), and SDS concentration (30, 60, and 120) mg/L. The results show that the maximum removal efficiency was 93%, obtained under optimum conditions; pH=6, 60mg/l SDS concentration, 500 cm3/min flow rate and at 30 mg/L zinc ion concentration. The obtained results proved that the flotation process is an efficient technique for removing Zinc from aqueous solutions.
Keywords: zinc ion; SDS surfactant; wastewater; flotation method, Iraq, Engineering, Research Paper
PDF Link: https://www.ijsr.net/archive/v7i1/ART20179265.pdf